Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Exterminate All White People

Hip hop artists in the past have often indulged in flaunting "cristal," a top-end champagne ($200 a bottle) in their rhymes. Rapping about "sipping on cris" along with mentioning various other forms of "ice" (diamonds etc.) and "bling" (various expensive materials from jewelry to chrome) has been a way of expressing that one lives "the good life" and is very wealthy. Jay-Z, however, eventually came to the point where he decided to boycott Cristal because the owner of the company said that all of the attention from the hip hop music was "unwelcome attention," and according to Jay-Z, this is a racist statement. See the article

In an interview with Harry Shearer (of The Simpsons) on MSNBC, Shearer was asked [regarding Imus' statement about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team], "why wasn't Don Imus protected under the free speech amendment?" His response was "we all have a right to stand on the street corner and say 'Bush is a criminal'...but if we have a constitutional right to have a show on MSNBC and CBS radio, I'm gonna see less Jeff Zucker in court, 'cause where's my show?"

Thank you Harry. Now please answer the question. See the interview

Imus was wrong in saying what he said. However, his statement didn't use a derogatory word about a particular race, and in fact there are caucasian girls on the Rutgers basketball team, so how could it be a racist statement? ANSWER: Because he's "white". He called some girls "hoes" and yet Snoop Dogg calls girls far worse things. For example, Snoop has a song called B****es Ain't Sh**, where he refers to girls as nothing but "hoes and tricks." Furthermore, Shearer's statement about abusing the media to make racially derogatory remarks should then be applied to B.E.T. Oh wait, did I just go there?

I sure did. When I was a junior in college, my friend and I were watching BET and there was a clip show of comedians from the past on a certain topic. The topic: how "white people are stupid". Each clip began with the statement "white people are so stupid that..."

Or what about Dr. Kamau Kambon, who said on CSpan that "we have to exterminate all white people off of the face of this planet... the problem on the planet is white people"? And he wasn't joking. Was he ever forced to apologize? No. See the video on youtube (you have to log in to view it because it's labeled as "adult content")

Malcolm X once said "maybe a long time ago you could've integrated the black masses into the white masses, but you've waited to long." hear him on realplayer A friend of mine at seminary (caucasian male) who is a hardcore fan of Malcolm X, told me that he honestly believes that the fact is, if you are white, you are born into a "racist system" and can't help but be racist. Black people, he said, can not be racist because they are the victims of racism. I asked him about myself, being that I have a Japanese mother and consider myself Asian American, and he said "it doesn't matter what you do in your life, you will always be racist because you look white." In conclusion, the color of my skin prevents me from the freedom of not being labeled "racist." In essence, what is racism? It is being "white."