Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gay Boltz

Not making fun of his "sound" - Ray Boltz actually came out of the closet and is now an admitted homosexual. Gay Ray. Gay Boltz. I'm sure the nicknames will continue for (g)a(y)ges.

Many of you remember Ray Boltz. In the late 80's/early 90's, he became really famous for a couple of hit "Christian" songs, "Thank You" and "Watch the Lamb". These were big songs and I remember, growing up in a Southern Baptist setting, hearing these played all over the place. I even saw a video where Boltz - mustache, mullet and all - was at a home group meeting with a bunch of elderly women and singing the words "Thank you, for giving to the Lord - I am a life that was changed". As he sang these words, tears dripped down from the old and gray eyes of the women listening. I thought to myself "HOW CHEESY!" (remember the word Cheesy got big in the 90s) - all Ray was doing was making of bunch of old Christian ladies cry by playing on their religious emotions. I've become a lot more understanding over the years, that many people are touched by that song, because in ministry, you never hear "Thank you" as much as you hear complaints and whining.

Now, years later, in a liberal, post-modern, and post-Christian culture; in a world where just about nothing is shocking any more, I found myself saddened and slightly even shocked by yet another famous Christian singer stepping outside the bounds of his self-proclaimed faith and defying what it stands for. No Christian is perfect, and we are all sinners who have been restored undeservedly by God's grace. However, while Christians often feel repentent, and try to be "better" when they are selfish, angry, violent, alcoholics, or addicts (among many other biblically defined "sinful" lifestyles), "Christians" such as Ray Boltz embrace homosexuality and advocate it loudly.

For a moment, let's look around the homosexuality issue. Consider the fact that Ray divorced his wife of over 30 years. Now ask yourself, if he did this for another woman, or a beastiality issue, or a sexual affair with a minor, what would become of his ministry? He would be publicly shamed and the media would show how yet another "Christian" is no different than the disgusting world around us. However, instead churches are applauding him for his openness about his sinful lifestyle. Sadly, he even flaunts it on the front of his website, talking about how he would not be "accepted" in many churches. Instead of being accepted into a Christ-loving church and coming to Christ just as he is and finding freedom to change and be who God made him to be, he goes to a church that pats him on the back for being "just as he is" and tells him to never change.

In his coming-out interview, Boltz mentioned "we all suffer with our humanity". Sadly, rather than "putting to death the flesh" as the Bible says, or being "crucified with Christ, and yet I live, not I but Christ who lives within me", Boltz has decided to embrace and remain shackled to the fallen flesh of humanity rather than transcend it through freedom in Christ. (the picture to the right is Ray Boltz, not Ricky Gervais)

Now I turn this back on the true Christian church: because of our shaming people for their sinfulness instead of embracing them and working with them to overcome it, we see churches sending homosexuals, unwed pregnant teens, and adulterous couples away, and where do they go? To churches that help them get abortions, divorces, and become proud of their homosexuality.


Blogger Jeff said...

Referring to Ray as Gay Boltz is quite humorous, indeed, but I don’t think it is such a great idea to make a gay joke out of this guy’s name because the sin he has committed is certainly nothing to joke about.

However, your blog does bring to light the depth of depravity of the liberal mindset. Here is a supposed Christian man who joined to a woman in holy matrimony, vowing to love and cherish her for the entirety of his life--a woman whom he went to bed with and woke up beside for the last thirty years—and now that his wife is older and less attractive, in order to fulfill his carnal desires he has chosen to divorce from the wife of his youth, leaving her alone as an elderly widow to grow old and die in an empty house with the knowledge that his feigned love, faith, and songs devoted to God, were all for show, for fame and money. And the response of the liberal is to do what?...

Applaud him?

We can clearly see the “fruits” of a liberal: in the name of love and acceptance, they ignore the widow, acquit the guilty, and celebrate in the sin.

Thu Sep 18, 07:51:00 PM  
Blogger dengr said...

Are you guys nuts??? Do you really think a man "becomes gay" because his wife is "older and less attractive". Do you REALLY believe that??? If he wasn't gay and he really was such a shallow man that he no longer wanted his wife because she wasn't hot anymore...wouldn't he then take up with a younger, more attractive WOMAN? You Crazy Christians drive ME crazy...with your judgemental, holier than thou attitude. Do you not think that this poor man was probably struggling with this his whole life...fighting against it...trying to hide it? He finally, after all these years, found the strength to accept himself and I think he should be commended for it. Everyone deserves to love and be loved whether it be hetero or homosexual love. An interesting question might be...."Why does it bother you so much???"

Fri Sep 19, 11:05:00 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Dengr didn't even read my post.

To say "why do YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT?" is to say "I'm better than you because I embrace it but you are close-minded and I'm smarter".

It's simply a blatant form of self-righteousness. You're no better than anyone else, just as I'm not, and guess what - it doesn't matter whether or not I have a problem with homosexuality. It only matters if God has a problem with it. Now, I'm positive that you didn't even read my post and you have just noticed that I don't believe homosexuality is God's command to people, and therefore you have attacked me rather than reasoning based on what i wrote. Because you are likely what they call an "internet troll" I will now go back to moderating comments.

Mon Sep 22, 12:21:00 PM  

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