Sunday, August 21, 2005

My Photography

My cousin-in-law, Scott, is a great story-writer, and his wife (my cousin, Sara) is very skilled in poetry. They have a sister who is an artist and another sister who also writes, and a brother who is a muscian. I have tried all of these and just feel that I always come out lacking severely, because I compare myself to them and they are so much better. However, I love photography, because I feel that it's a way that I'm able to let others see through my eyes. Scott and Sara have always been encouraging to me to pursue any form of art that I feel passionate about or gifted in, but the fact is that I just feel way to inadequate at anything, because they are so artistic.

This is some of my photography. I don't have an SLR camera or any special equipment, just a plain old personal digital. I have never had any photography classes, but I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to develop this passion of mine.


Blogger j.wo said...

Awe... Jonathan, these are GOOD. I'm so glad we have so many people who enjoy the art of good, yet random, picture-taking.

You're right - I KNOW - I need to post. I've just REALLY had my nerd on right now, so I'm waiting until I get a good chunk of time to invest myself in it.

Patience is a virtue, my friend...


Tue Nov 01, 07:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those models are hot. :)
We had a great time with you and thanks so much for being so nice and taking us around to all the sites. See you in a couple of weeks.

Tue Nov 01, 07:57:00 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

You're right... I am great, aren't I?...

Anyhoo, I think you should add that picture of you and me in the hot tub... or was it just a big bath tub? Oh, wait - you didn't take that one, did you?

Oh well.

Tue Nov 08, 08:55:00 AM  

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