Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Disgrace to Humanity

A woman who claims to be a "Christian" appeared on Hannity & Colmes last month, to explain how AIDS, 9/11, and soldiers dying are a result of God's judgment on the world. Unfortunately, this woman does not appear to know anything of God's loving or forgiving nature, and when Hannity confronts the fallacies in her beliefs, she actually tells him that he is not a Christian! She and her people are the group that protests funerals of soldiers who have been killed defending the country. They have no respect for the dead or their mourning families.

She is so quick to point fingers at everything she can find to be a sin, and when Hannity asks what her sins are, she becomes violent, because clearly, she wants to throw stones at the whole country as though she is a perfect person. I am providing a link to this video with the warning that it will infuriate you, whether you are conservative or liberal, Christian or Non-Christian. She is so wrong and it's sad that people like this exist in our country. The one redeeming quality of this clip is that it's fun to hear Hannity & Colmes agreeing with each other that this woman is an idiot.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why rain is overrated

Ever noticed that "rain" is mentioned in about 1 in 4 songs, poems, stories, movies, etc? Why is that? It's SOOOO cliche, and yet people still incorporate rain into their art. I have a theory as to why it's so compelling and emotionally stimulating. Even as I type this on my laptop, my entire upstairs bedroom is shaking as the thunder booms outside, and the rain competes with the piano-driven music playing through my Ipod for who can be loudest.

Here's my theory of why people love the rain:

When we're still unborn, but our minds are very developed, and we rest inside our mothers' wombs, we feel the things she feels and sense many things she senses. In our place of safety, she communicates to us what is going on in the outside world as we're not ready for it on our own yet.

When we were in the womb and our mother would take a hot shower, the sound we heard was probably very similar to the sound of the rain. And as our dark and comfortable room heated up a little, we began to associate that sound with the feeling mother experienced - a calm, relaxing feeling.

After entering the world free of total dependence on mother's body, one thing our minds never disconnected was the subconscious association of the sound of rain outside the roof and the sound of prenatal safety and relaxation.
The fallacy in my theory is that it fails to explain why some people become severely depressed when it rains for an extended amount of time.