Monday, February 06, 2006

The Caricatures of Doom

Many of you are aware by now that in Denmark, and then later in other countries, a cartoon that caricatured the prophet Mohammed was published in several newspapers. I haven't seen this cartoon firsthand, but I have seen overwhelming amounts of headlines during the aftermath. Several Muslims and Muslim groups have been responding to the offense, often violently.

It even got to the point where American embassies are seeing violent protests, even though no papers in America have even published the cartoon!
Anger that has been directed at European targets in recent days began to shift toward the U.S. on Monday, though American papers haven't published the offending cartoons. read this article

What is perhaps the most shocking to me of all of this is how unified so many Muslims seem to be about their feelings regarding this. It was an offense to them, an offense of catastrophic proportions. They have been responding with such violence that many have been killed already, and most people's reaction to this is probably one of understanding - that a deeply religious group has been offended on a deeply religious level.

So why is it that you see caricatures of Jesus all the time, an no one reacts violently to that? On Southpark, Jesus is portrayed in a comical way, and on the movie Dogma, He was "buddy Jesus". Several other types of media have portrayed Him in a sense that is comical and often disrespectful. Yet if Christians were to rise up and violently protest against these kind of portrayals of Jesus, they would be considered crazy or "dangerous religious fanatics".

I have to respect something about these Muslims: they take their religion very seriously. It is rooted deeply in their hearts, and they have great respect for Mohammed. In fact, most Muslims I know, though they do not believe in Jesus as savior, would never draw up a caricature of Him, because they still hold some sort of respect for Him. They must view Christians as some of the most faithless, insincere people when we do not protest the daily mockings and inaccurate caricature/portrayals of Christ, but rather some claiming to bear the name of "Christian" will even laugh along with T.V. shows and other media that ridicule Him.


Blogger Scooter said...

First of all, violence for religion's - any religion - sake is still just violence. It's not any holier or just simply because it's for a "good cause" (I know you weren't saying this, J-Man. I just wanted to bring it up).

Secondly, an image is just an image. While some kind of image (or desicration of a certain image) may offend people, it's still just an image, not the real thing. I love my wife dearly, but if someone pooped on a picture of her, I wouldn't try to kill them. Now, if they tried to poop on her...

Tue Feb 07, 11:48:00 AM  
Blogger Jeannine said...

just to point out, i'm pretty sure representational images are avoided in islamic religious contexts because muslims believe that making images usurps the creative power of God and lead to idolatry. fundamentalists forbid representational artwork in any form, within or outside of the religious realm (which, i believe, is why their calligraphic manuscripts are so ornate...they had to be artistic somehow).

anyway, all this to say its no wonder the muslims are violently protesting against this caricature of mohammed. not only does it go against the fundamentalist belief that all representational art is sacrilegious, but it steps within the sacred context of the general faith. its bound to get a negative response from any muslim.

and shows that represent Jesus like that make me frustrated beyond belief.

Tue Feb 07, 02:13:00 PM  
Blogger Corie said...


If Muslims "take their religion very seriously" and "it is rooted deeply in their hearts," then why do we not hear the same outrage and protest from these people over their religion being hijacked by extremists that give their deeply rooted religion an extremely horrible reputation with the rest of the world?

I would have respect for them if they would denounce all anti-muslim behavior like flying airplanes into buildings killing thousands of innocent people or beheading men and women on national televsion.

This is the religion of peace after all, right?

Tue Feb 07, 03:38:00 PM  

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